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Review Liz Earle : Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (100ml Starter Kit)-English only

Nowadays, everyone tries to be more environmentally friendly, to use more and more natural products and, of course, everyone tries to eat healthier food in order to age beautifully and to live longer.

In this sense, we try to take care of our skin from the inside by eating bio-food, less sugar, less pastry. But what do we do on the outside? WE USE NATURAL PRODUCTS!

And why not choose some LIZ EARLE PRODUCTS?

Here is what they say about their very own product: “Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser”:

“Our multi award-winning concentrated cleanser has two-phase action to quickly remove daily grime, make up and stubborn mascara leaving skin soft, smooth and radiant. Contains purifying eucalyptus and skin-softening cocoa butter”.

Thanks to Louise (the best PR ever!!!) I had the opportunity to test this amazing product. I received the package from Liz Earle, in the middle of December, 2011, so I had plenty of time to test this product and make some opinion about it. In the package there was a nice light green cosmetic bag, in which I could find the tube of cleanser and two pure muslin cloths made from 100% cotton. I also found a product guide, a price list and a nice and personal note from the Liz Earle PR team.

That very evening, I was more than anxious to try the product and see if it really was as extraordinary as the other beauty bloggers presented it.

I followed the 5 steps found in the guide of the product. I must admit that I was more than sure that the cloth, after using it to remove the make up, could have been easily thrown away due to the make up stains that wouldn’t come off. But I had the greatest surprise ever. The stains came off and the cloth remained as white as a sheet. After rinsing my face with cold water (the last step) I felt that my skin was softer than usual.

When using this cleanser I particularly liked the minty fragrance (I think that came from the eucalyptus used as ingredient). I also liked the fact that all make up is removed only by using no more than two pumps of cleanser. I have to mention the fact that I do not use water resistant make up, and for my day-to-day make up this product works quite well.

In the Product Guide I found information about all Liz Earle products. I am more than eager to try other Liz Earle products, especially the Sheer Skin Tint that I saw on their site.

So, if you would like to try a product that is not tested on animals, environmentally friendly and made of natural plant oils and extracts, please choose the Liz Earle products! They will make your life!!!

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